423221, Russia
Phone number
+8 (5594) 58628; +8 (55943)
About company
GK "ajron" is one of the largest and dynamically developing enterprises of Russia, has existed for 10 years. Has some directions : The production of interior doors SP Kadyrov I. P., which supplies the market with high quality products. The production base of the factory, brings together Russian and foreign technologies. The range includes different models: Torgovye doors in the polypropylene film, coated doors "high-gloss", doors coated with PVC film, and primed the building door. Activities of the company Iron is a high-Gloss panels ALBICO . The capacity of the production line allows to produce plates of glossy and matte execution. This product is manufactured with the use of new technologies on the modern equipment. high gloss panel al'biko and 3 D panel Astrial intended for the manufacture of furniture, manufacture of doors and decorative finishing.
Airon, Albico, Astrial