Rudolf Koller spol. s r. o.

128 00, Czech Republic, Prague, Katerinska 483/24
Phone number
+420 () 224916276; +420 () 224916276
About company
Hydromassage components and systems for bath tubs, shower cabins and spas production, design and development /fittings, control panels, buttons, spa lights, jets, shower jets, pumps, blowers, valves, disinfection units, legs and metal frame works, heatings, pre-glued kits, special instalation tools/. Water treatment appliances /KOLLER MILK, Koller Aqua Active/. Baby spa whirlpools. Shower components and systems. Cosmetics and Chemicals (bath salt from Dead Sea, Bath perfumes, Sauna milk, Sauna aromatherapy, Koller Special Cleaner, Koller Disinfection). Production of infra red heating panels.
Rudolf Koller, Koller Whirl-Systems, Koller International Group, KOLLER MILK, Heat4All,