Centr Metallokrovli

614025, Russia, Perm, Geroev Hasana, 58
Phone number
+8 (800) 3509003; +8 (342) 2565600
About company
Trade and Industry Company "Center Metallokrovli" has been successfully operating for over 10 years. Over the years the company has taken its deserved place among the leaders in the market of manufacturers of roofing and facade materials, fences. In Metallokrovli Center to buy - is beneficial because we have: - Own production on the modern imported equipment: Decking (7 Profile species) Metal (4 profile view) Metal siding, PSP (4 profile view) Metal fence (5 Profile species); - Production exclusively from high quality raw materials (pr-va MMK, NLMK, Severstal); - As soon as possible in the manufacturing on the individual sizes (for 1 day); - Delivery organization and fast loading (in any car); - A wide range of types of siding, colors over 70 colors in stock; - Flexible pricing and convenient location of warehouses; - We love our customers! All colors and sizes, complete set. Current prices, metering, delivery and installation.
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