187021, Russia, St. Petersburg
Phone number
+7 (812) 7023637; +7 (812) 7023637
About company
Vulkan factory is a leading company in the development and production of modern chimney systems in Russia. The factory was founded in 1994: for over 20 years Vulkan produces chimneys for both domestic and industrial use. The main priority of the plant has always been the highest quality products made with integration in the production facilities the world's best technology, design and experience of a chimney industry. In 2014 the factory lunched unique automatic robotized production line for chimneys and fittings working 24 hours a day. The total area of the new factory and warehouse terminal is 17 000 square meters. Currently the production of Vulkan chimneys by using de facto technologies of the future, including: 3D laser cutting and welding technology of elements of pipes, highly accurate molding of the chimney elements and fully automated production where all operations are performed by high-tech robots.