PAINI S.p.a. Rubinetterie

28076, Italy, Pogno, Via Cremosina № 43
Phone number
+39 (03) 229971; +39 (03) 229971
About company
PAINI is a big company producing sanitary ware and accessories, started from a little craft made factory over 60 years ago. The factory offers a wide range of taps - mixers, bathroom accessories, kitchen, bath and shower associated products. Paini Rubinetterie proudly produces 4 million pieces per annum. The production cycle provides the usage of high quality raw materials only, in conformity with the strict UNI-CEE standards. The factory provides a 5 years guarantee for its products. PAINI Research Centre Team provides test laboratories and analysis aiming at studying and gaining experience on mechanical, chemical and functional problems. PAINI cares about environmental friendliness if its products. All the materials, components, coatings meet the international standards of several Union agencies. PAINI mixers and accessories have all the necessary features for comfort of use.