SEVEN Sp. z o. o. Sp. Komandytowa

25-565, Poland, Kielce, ul. Magazynowa 6
Phone number
+0048 (41) 3447392; +0048 (41) 3448767
About company
We are a company that distributes and produces construction chemicals. We have been operating since 2000, constantly expanding our commercial offer. In 2007, the professional brand BORAMAX was launched, currently operating on the market of over 250 products and is constantly being expanded. By introducing new products and services to the market, we care for their quality, innovation and attractiveness at the same time. We work with regional distributors, wholesalers, building warehouses, shops, stores and repairs as well as construction crews. The dynamic development of the company is run by a group of well-trained sales representatives who provide advice and assistance. Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Norway, England and Ukraine. For several years we have been actively involved in the creation and running of construction fairs: BUDMA-Poznań; INTERBUILD-Kiev; MOSBUILD-Moscow; IBF Brno-; BAU-Munich; Łódź INTERBUD; Ecobuild-London; BUDPRAGES-Minsk; BYGG REIS DEG-Oslo.We guarantee our clients professional service, fast deliveries and, above all, the best quality products that can compete with global leaders in our industry. Our products have been awarded with the prestigious GOLDEN WINGS AND BRAND BRAND awards in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013,2015 and DIAMENT ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI in 2016. Since 2007, as part of the Loyalty Program, we organize attractive trips for weekly trainings in very interesting corners of the world for our clients.