Certification Group

121059, Russia, Moscow, Berezhkovskaya emb. 38b1 BC "On Berezhkovskaya"
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+7 (800) 1001814; +7 (495) 6262995
About company
Certification Group is the Russian holding of permissive documentation. Since 2007, we provide a wide range of services in the field of conformity to the existing standards of the products, services and management systems. Certification Group Holding includes bodies managing certification of the products and testing laboratories with extensive areas of accreditation: confirmation of compliance with the requirements of State Standards (GOST) and Technical Regulations (TR); Technical Regulations of the Customs Union; fire safety certification, ISO quality management systems, etc. The Company owns the largest in the territory of the Customs Union Test Center, equipped with the most advanced testing equipment and measuring instruments from the world's largest manufacturing companies. - Availability of accreditation in the Federal Service for accreditation, as well as the permanent membership of the appraisers in the Self-Regulatory Interregional Association of Appraisers allows us to offer a comprehensive solution of the problem of compliance of equipment with the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. - The Company's scope of accreditation includes 26 Technical Regulations of the Customs Union - so the customer can prepare all the necessary related documents in the format of “single window”. This allows to limit visits of the experts to manufacture to only one. If you can not perform test in the factory, we are ready to carry out tests on the basis of our Test center or in the mobile Automotive Laboratory. - Experts of the company are ready to adapt, or assist in the development of all necessary technical documentation for the project (operating instructions, equipment passports, etc.) in accordance with the current laws. Certification Group Holding Team is pleased to offer prompt, convenient and qualified wide range of work to validate the safety of building materials and constructions.
Certification Group