TEPOFOL, Society with limited liability

105318, Russia, Moscow, Sherbakovskaya St., 3, office 810
Phone number
+7 (495) 5173300
About company
TEPOFOL Ltd. is a Russian developer and manufacturer of Tepofol® heat-insulating material intended for basic and supplemental insulation of civil and industrial construction projects. Tepofol® is a roll insulant made of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam of 2 mm up to 150 mm in thickness; it is meant to be used as a main and additional insulation within the scope of building of modern, technically and energy-efficient construction projects of various purpose. Basic thermal insulation Tepofol® represents an innovative roll insulant made of foamed polyethylene of 20 mm - 150 mm in thickness with a locking joint; it is applied as the main heat-insulating layer which does not demand any additional insulating and sealing materials. The unique technology of seamless locking joint of insulating material Tepofol® is a patented authoring of the company. Supplemental thermal insulation Tepofol® involves a canvas in rolls made of foamed polyethylene of 2 mm - 10 mm in thickness with or without a reflecting layer; it is used as an addition to the basic thermal insulation within the frame of enclosing structures of the house and other construction and engineering solutions.