SKL Group

196140, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 56, Pulkovskoe shosse, build. 4A
Phone number
+7 (812) 3180515; +7 (812) 3180515
About company
SKL Group is a Russian company, the developer and manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products under its own brands IDDIS® and Milardo®. The development and engineering of products is operated in St. Petersburg. SKL Group has its own production facilities in Russia and manufactures products in partnership with foreign companies. The total process - from design and engineering to assembly and delivery - is under the full control of SKL specialists. It is fundamentally important to us that the Russian consumer purchases goods that exactly correspond to the idea of reliability, durability, convenience, and safety. Our 15 years of experience and expert knowledge help to create sanitary wares that completely meet local consumers’ demands. Our products are popular among buyers and inspire confidence year after year. Today, one in four households uses our products, and IDDIS® is one of the five most recognized brands of sanitary wares in Russia.
IDDIS, Milardo