620142, Russia, Yekaterinburg, St. Razina street 54, of.1
Phone number
+7 (343) 2576501; +7 (343) 2579093
About company
Domani-Spa LLC is the only manufacturer of shower cabins and acrylic bathtubs in Russia performing all the stages of production in one place. All production processes (marketing, 3D modeling, 3D designing, mold making, vacuum molding, reinforcement, production of aluminum profiles, production of steel frames, glass processing(tempering, bending, painting), extrusion of sanitary acrylic (ABS/PMMA)) from the sketch to the finished product are carried out at the Domani-Spa factory to realize the maximum number of consumer properties such as service time, cost of ownership, ease of operation of products. Thus, 90% of the raw materials needed for the manufacture of shower cabins and bathtubs Domani-Spa LLC produces itself, that provides a unique opportunity to realize consumer requirements for quality at the stage of production of raw materials.