121309, Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya Filevskaya 16
Phone number
+7 (800) 7072826; +7 (495) 4324842
About company
ALURE company offers its customers the following services related to the use of decorative paints of its own production in the interior decoration: We are offering our clients a totally free master class on how to work with decorative paints ALURE. Using this service you will be able to master all necessary techniques that will help you perfectly apply decorative paint ALURE when finishing the walls of your home! You will learn how to prepare a wall surface for finishing layers of paint. You will learn how to apply and set the texture of the base and finishing layers of decorative paints and learn how to use unique techniques to work with our paints. We will help you to understand and learn how to make the interior of Your home unique and inimitable using our decorative paints ALURE! Also, the company ALURE offers you to use a professional service for applying decorative paint when finishing the walls of your home. Our experienced stuff will gladly help you in finishing interior of your home. In our work we follow the necessary processes to properly prepare the wall. We will offer You various samples which could help you to visualize the effects that you can obtain on the walls of Your home. By choosing the interior finishing of your home by our professionals you can be sure in perfect result!