Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod

301362, Russia, Aleksin, st. Naberezhnaja, h.40a
Phone number
+7 (920) 7555555; +7 (920) 7555555
About company
LLC "Aleksinskij Keramzitovyj Zavod" (AKZ) is located in the town of Aleksin of Tula region which is situated in the northern part of Central Russian upland, on the left bank of the Oka river, 59 km north-west of Tula, 69 km east of Kaluga, 150 km south of Moscow. Its history begins on December 30, 1985 - the date of its commissioning. LLC "Aleksinskij Keramzitovyj Zavod" carries out its activities in the field of production and sales of keramzite and products made from it. A wide range of packed keramzite in kraft and polypropylene bags, in big bags of various capacities is presented. The government program for the environmental development of the country is supported in the company. The energy-saving technologies have been introduced, burning mechanisms have been improved, and the filters for trapping the generated dust have been installed.
Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod