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Our company is very serious about the fact that makes and sells . And we believe that in General ordinary item as a towel rack, has its own unique aesthetics. The perception of the interior of your room is a matter of detail, and the heated towel rail is quite an important part of the bathroom. Everything we do, we do with an extreme degree of attention to every aspect of sales, which consists of just many not visible from first sight things.Our main attention is closely focused sales towel brand "Rostela" and "FINCOPPER" , as their attitudes and knowledge technologies in the production of towel, helps us to understand and advise on the most quality products in this area. FINCOPPER is a Finnish legislator quality in the manufacturing of copper radiators. The main advantage of this product is that it is absolutely not subject to any types of corrosion, has the best heat transfer (6-8 times more than stainless steel) and works without problems in hot Water systems. The patented manufacturing process, chromium plating, decorative coatings, Nordic design, guarantee their good use in the most luxurious and fashionable interiors. All of the above is not just confirmed by the orders of our products from major chain hotels, where about the quality judged firsthand, as well as orders of image companies, under the brand name of which, our popotentsesushiteli sold for more than 15 years. Thanks to the optimal use of equipment, competent distribution of technological processes, as well as the coordinated work of professionals, our products are in well-deserved demand not only in the Russian market, but also in the Baltic countries, Europe and the CIS. By choosing FINCOPPER once, you will spare yourself the need to ever think about replacing this product and repairing it due to the fault of the heated towel rail. Quality, practicality, durability are all key benefits of potenzialita FINCOPPER.